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Making Faith Tangible: The Children's Inn at NIH

We are constantly awed by the stories our Makers share - stories of courage, passion, connection, and resilience. We are so proud to spotlight The Children’s Inn at NIH and their work spreading hope and courage to all patients and families that stay with them. The Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) uses MyIntent as an activity to support and uplift children as they fight through daily challenges.​ Amani, a 13-year-old boy from Kenya who is undergoing treatment at the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland, is one such story.   Amani chose, “FAITH because my family and I...

Chelsea Handler's WORDs & Story

By: Chris Pan, Founder of MyIntent “I spent my twenties wanting people to think I was great. I spent my thirties thinking people thought I was great. I turned forty, and I started wondering what I thought about me.” "I didn't know that my brother's death was defining me." Chelsea’s brother died when she was nine. When he didn’t return, it felt like rejection and a lesson that others should not be trusted or relied on. Through therapy, she has realized, "I define me, No event or person does this. I DECIDE who I am and how I'm going to...

Living with Anxiety: A Journey of Acceptance

Baylee, a mental health advocate, shares her journey with anxiety and one tip she uses as a reminder everyday to stay present and accept herself. In her own WORDs: Seven years ago, I was first diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I was living like a child with chalk: drawing beautiful designs and experiencing this colorful life I had created for myself. But there were cracks in the sidewalk and weeds poking through that I would just fill in with color. In reality, there was a lot of pain that was demanding to be felt, feelings calling for attention, a past...

"Giving someone permission to express declaration over their life..." Featuring MyIntent Maker Jane Jourdan

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"Giving someone permission to express declaration over their life..." Featuring MyIntent Maker Jane Jourdan

It’s always a little scary to follow our dreams, to put ourselves out there, and to go into the unknown. Sometimes, we find a community along the way to support us and to keep us grounded. Sometimes, we end up creating our own tribe to create a community with! We would love to introduce Jane Jourdan, Founder of Fit for Broadway! She has created a community of mindfulness and wellness for those seeking to make it on the big stage! We are so excited to share with you her story and some inspiration if you are looking to give back...

14 Days of Self-Love pt. 4 | Caring Action

14 Days of Self-Love pt. 4 | Caring Action

Only a few more days left of the journey! How are you feeling? Have you had any “ah-ha” moments about yourself or about how you see the world? Have you created a kind environment in your mind? Are you bored and ready to get to some action? Self-care is a huge concept and the internet has been exploding with what it is and how to do it. One concept for self-care we would like to share is the idea that self-care doesn’t need to be only lavish indulgences. As Mel Robbins shares, self-care can be a simple, yet powerful decision...


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