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Heart of the Week: MyIntent

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Trend Alert: Why I wear "My Intent" Bracelets

03/01/16 |
How ONE WORD Can Change Your Life with MyIntent

12/20/15 | TODAY Show
MyIntent - Bracelet That Has A Lot of People Talking

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O's editor at large shares shat she can't stop talking about: MyIntent

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The One Word That Can Get You Anything You Want

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A Piece Of Jewelry Flipped This Man's Life Upside Down. Now He Wants YOU To Experience It As Well.

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Chris Pan on Heartbreak, Bro Advice and Intentions

6/5/15 | SuperHeroYou (Video)
Superhero Secrets: Chris Pan, Founder of My Intent Project
5/9/15 | TEDxConstitutionDrive(Video)
TEDx - One question for amazing conversations and positive energy

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Why Kanye West Wore This $12 Bracelet on His Time Magazine Cover

4/17/15 |
The Unexpected Item Kanye Wore on 'Time's' Most Influential Cover

3/12/15 |
Sevenly x MyIntent - What's Your Word?

2/24/15 |
WHAT’S YOUR WORD? Chatting with Chris Pan, Founder of MyIntent Project

1/1/15 | Miracles in You (Book)
Each Bracelet / Word is a Miracle!

10/2/14 | Marriott Hotels
#LoveTravels with Chris: High-Powered Consultant Turned Nomad

10/1/14 |
Chris Pan: One Word Changed His Life