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How to stamp

1. Find a solid surface
Ideally over the leg of a table or hard floor for max support. Place a book under metal base to protect table or floor.
2. Place bracelet on base
Pull the strings together and place bracelet on metal base. Strings should be on the ledge portion.

3. Stamp at bottom of token
Pick desired letter stamp and align at bottom of token (6 o’clock position). The engraving on letter stamp should face you. Firm grip on hammer, then stamp with intention!
4. Rotate slightly, stamp next letter
Place previous letter stamp back and keep alphabetical order. Grab next letter stamp. Rotate the token slightly, stamp again at the same 6 o’clock position.

DIY: Maker Stamping Post

A stamping post can help reduce noise and maximize stamping depth by reducing any vibration / bounce that a flimsy surface may cause.  Instructions  on how to make your own.
"The stamping post was a game changer" - Dawn K., Maker.

Stamping Alignment Tip

To help with alignment and prevent crooked letters, it is helpful to put a piece of clear tape on the stub of the metal stamping base and use permanent marker to draw in a "line" the width of the letter stamp. This allows you to consistently 'center' the stamp against the base resulting in letters that smoothly curve around the token.  

Stamping base alignment trick


Tutorials on how to Tie Bracelets and Knots

Looking to tie your own bracelets and knots? Here's a list of resources to help.

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