Maker How-To Guide – MyIntent Project

Maker How-To Guide

How to use your Maker Kit

1. Find a solid surface to stamp on. Consider placing a book under metal stage to protect surface below.

2. Place bracelet on top of base with the STRING OFF the base. Ideal to have flat contact between token and metal base. Pick letter and place at the 6 O’CLOCK position.

 3. Get a good GRIP on the hammer and use power from both your ARM and WRIST to stamp. Tip: Raise elbow out to shoulder height.

4. Place letter back and keep in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Grab next letter.

5. ROTATE the token and repeat. Always place letter stamp at the 6 o’clock position.


How to Tie-On a Bracelet

  1. Have friend select a wrist.
  2. Have friend place index finger from other hand over the selected wrist as a spacer.
  3. Tie 3 knots tightly over the finger.
  4. Leave ~1/2” and cut excess string.



How To Adjust Your MyIntent Bracelet