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Refill Spool of String

$ 10.00 $ 16.00

Spools contain either 100 meters (3,937 inches) or 160 meters (6,299 inches) of 1mm string.

  • Polyester String is used for adjustable bracelets like the Classic and Twist style.  
  • Cotton String is used for Tie-On bracelets (cotton string cannot be burned to seal the ends).

 A Classic bracelet uses approximately 39 inches of polyester string = roughly 100 bracelets per 100m spool or 161 bracelets per 160m spool.

A Tie-On bracelet uses approximately 30 inches of cotton string = roughly 131 bracelets per 100m spool  or 209 bracelets per 160m spool.

 Instructions on how to tie various bracelets and knots.  

20-50% off for large orders! Use the codes below:

Order over $50 get 20% off, code = PARTNER
Order over $100 get 25% off, code = FAMILY
Order over $200 get 30% off, code = FRIENDS
Order over $400 get 35% off, code = TEAM
Order over $600 get 40% off, code = TRIBE
Order over $800 get 45% off, code = COMMUNITY
Order over $1,000 get 50% off, code = WORLD

Customer Reviews

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I’ve tried the rest, save your time & money and buy the BEST!

I have done lots of hunting around for a good variety of colors and textures, even different thicknesses. Bottom line I am now STUCK with a man’s Size 14 1/2 shoe box almost full of worthless junk that I will probably never even use. At least I KNOW I will NEVER put any of MY tokens on anything BUT the MyIntent waxed polyester. I have a wonderful selection now to choose from: Black, pink, purple, cream, and blue. They are great to work with, the ends burn perfectly to lock in those knot (if you know what your doing it does NOT leave ANY burnt, black ends). Don’t bother trying to save a few bucks like I did going through Amazon or to actual craft stores. NOTHING else out there beats MyIntent’s brand!

Great to work with

This string is well priced and easy to work with. I like it better than the cotton string since you can melt the ends.

Green String

Bright and easy to cut. The exact color and strength I was looking for.

Blue string

This blue is a pretty color and looks so nice with the tokens!


I now have the black, red, and cream and they are beautiful.

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