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30 Days of Reflection Challenge

We invite you to participate in our 30 days of Reflection challenge! Journal, draw, write poetry, make a dance video, or just reflect - any type of expression is perfect during this challenge. So go have fun and explore!
In this challenge, we will look at 4 different aspects of Self. We start with the present giving gratitude and setting up the intention for the rest of the month. Then we will reflect upon the past, letting things out in order to let love in. The third week is all about you! Diving into the amazing gifts you bring to the world around you, and then bringing your gifts to life during our final week.  With an empowered mind, we can inspire action in our own lives. Are you ready for this journey?
Check our Instagram Story every day for a new journal prompt! We’ll update this blog post everyday with the latest prompts so come back to for some journaling inspiration.
If you’d like to submit any of your journal entries, please send them to REFLECTION@MYINTENT.ORG. We would love to share your creations and stories on our social media!
Day 1: What is your perfect day?
Day 2: Draw 3 things you are grateful for!
Day 3: List 5 of your favorite things!
Day 4: My favorite holiday tradition is...
Day 5: What is your intention for this reflection challenge and why? What do you hope to learn in these next 25 days?
Day 6: Write the story of your life through the eyes of someone else. This could be a family member, a friend, your favorite barista, etc.
Day 7: If you found a magic genie, what would your three wishes be?
Day 8: Think back on your 3 impactful memories. What made them special?
Day 9: What has been your toughest decision? What did you learn from this decision?
Day 10: The most terrified I’ve ever been was when ___. Since then I’ve learned...
Day 11: Write a letter of forgiveness to someone.
Day 12: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? This can be a fictional character or someone real.
Day 13: What is the nicest gift you’ve ever received? Given?
Day 14:  What is a challenge you want to overcome?
Day 15: 
  • What are 3 items on your bucket list?  What steps can you take tomorrow to start crossing them off?
  • Day 16: Whether it’s advice, appreciation, or reassurance, write a letter to your past self...


    Highlights from our community

    Day 1: What is your Perfect Day? 

    Peace, Rest, and Happiness

    Entry by: Shana WG.

    Growing up, I often listened to Body and Soul by Anita Baker. This song is about a woman who felt abandoned by her lover and is pleading to be loved body and soul. I loved this song because, in the past, I always yearned to be loved for who I was inside and out. I was very much stuck in this phase of my life for over 20 years.

    I stumbled across a 30 Days of Reflection Challenge, and as I began to write in my notebook, the recurring theme of my words led me to understand that peace within my mind, rest for my body and happiness for my soul is what makes the perfect day. The Anita Baker song instantly played in my head, but this time for a different reason. I am no longer looking for someone to love me body and soul. I am instead pursuing self-love.


    My mind constantly works. Daily, I am focused on my family, my household, work and the tasks of life. In the rare instances where I lay uninterrupted, my mind continues to create a to do list for the next free moment. It has gotten so intense that lately I’ve noticed I stumble over my words, I struggle to gather my thoughts, and my communication is altered. When I do remember to take a deep breath, everything flows as it should. My mind is weary, and it needs peace.


    For the most part, I get the ample amount of sleep which is approximately seven hours per night. Rest, however, is something that I do not get in plentiful amounts. I am referring to quiet moments, unplugged from everything in an atmosphere that provides serenity and tranquility. Because rest is so elusive in my life, it is a precious gem. True rest serves as the hard-reset button for my life.


    “What you are seeking is seeking you”. When my soul is happy, it vibrates positive energy. I believe that a happy soul allows me to be who I truly am and I am able to make others happy by adding joy and love to their lives.  When my soul is happy, it seeks to make others happy. I believe that one of our purposes on this great earth is to help one another. I want to be the best help that I can be by ensuring that I have happiness within me that I can share with the world.

    What will I do to create the perfect day for myself? This journal entry has allowed me to explore what this statement means to me. It’s so ironic; I actually started this journey as a result of prodding from a good friend. We had a meaningful conversation which moved me to purchase a Discover bracelet. As I look down on my wrist and then back to the words on this page, I know that I am just beginning. I also know that this journey will never end. Whatever it takes, I will work to create many perfect days in my life moving forward. This challenge has brought me happiness.



    Entry by: Anonymous 

    The tantalizing aroma of fresh baked pastries.  The symphony of foreign languages surrounding me.  The anticipation of what unexpected adventures awaits...  
    My perfect day is one spent traveling and exploring a new city with my wife.  I've found that traveling has accelerated my growth as a person.  I used to be super planned, with every minute of a trip scheduled, but after backpacking through Europe, I learned to let go, to go with the flow.  As a naturally "play it safe" person, adventuring as taught me to embrace a bit of chaos - repelling down a 80 ft waterfall in Australia or hang gliding off a mountain in Brazil.  I've also become more empathetic - I relate to more people as I better understand world perspectives.  I work hard everyday towards my goal to have more "perfect days" in the future.  


    Day 2: Draw 3 things you are GRATEFUL for

    Entry by: Annie A. 

    The Sun always puts me in a great mood. I am grateful for my husband as my partner and my best friend. He always takes care of his family. And my family always gives me the strongest support and love, even when we live so far away from each other! 


    Day 3: List 5 of your favorite things! 

    1 Favorite thing

    Entry by: Laura B.

    My Sunday morning ritual is one of my favorite things, especially about living in Seattle so close to the water. I wake up - not too early! - and walk my pup Ruby down to the local coffee shop, ETG. I get some coffee, and probably a delicious scone, and we walk down along the water. In the winter, we enjoy a brisk walk. The spring: the first rays of warm sunshine. In summer, Ruby plays in the canal and I pick blueberries. Fall brings the bright gold of the birch trees’ changing leaves.


    Day 4: My favorite holiday tradition is...

    Entry by: Marie C.

    Carving pumpkins at Halloween! It doesn’t matter if it’s real pumpkins or the foam ones from the craft stores, I find carving them to be meditative. The more complicated the design the more relaxed I feel as I work on it...I’ll often lose track of time working on them. I love making them because they make people so happy when they see them. I love to carve them for my nephews! Nothing makes me happier than to make them smile. Last year, I donated a lot of pumpkins to a local children’s hospital to help the kids celebrate Halloween because I wanted to help make sure they’d enjoy Halloween as much as I do. I can’t wait to get started on new pumpkins this year!


    Day 12: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? This can be a fictional character or someone real.

    Entry by: Sarah GD.

    As a little girl my favorite day of the week was Wednesday. When school and gymnastics practice were over, it was time for dinner, and dinnertime meant Grandma time. Every Wednesday night my maternal grandmother came over, ate dinner, and just spent time with us. Grandma Bette only lived five minutes away so we saw her all the time, but there was something different about Wednesday nights. It wasn’t the entire family crammed into a huge booth at our favorite pizza place. It was just the five of us: me, Mom, Dad, Sister and Grandma all sitting around the kitchen table. She would ask my sister and me about school or practice, she would tell us stories about her life or talk about an upcoming trip she had planned. My favorite stories were the ones she told about Paris, a place she visited often and had a special relationship with.

    When I was twenty-four Grandma Bette passed away. She had been sick for a while and those Wednesday night dinners had stopped years before. Of course, I have tons of memories that some people could say far surpass eating pasta in my parents' kitchen, but it was the opportunities to laugh with, share with, learn about and spend time with my grandmother that I value the most.

    At thirty-five years old I am obviously a much different person than I was at nine-years-old, eighteen-years-old or even twenty-four-years-old. Now almost eleven years after Grandma Bette passed away I wonder what it would be like to sit down to dinner on a Wednesday night, like tonight and eat dinner with her. The topics of these conversations might be different, some carefree and others maybe a little more serious, talking with her would still be easy and comfortable. Even though she was always supportive, what would she say about the choices I have made? What advice would she give me? What stories and experiences would she share with me now that I am older? What questions would she ask me? If I could have one more Wednesday night dinner with my grandmother I would show her the person I have become. A person that she helped shape and inspire as well as a person who thrived on her support and her love. And above everything a person who watched her grandmother be a strong, independent woman and learned from her example. #stronggirl


    Day 13: What is the nicest gift you’ve ever received? Given?
    Entry by: Anju J.
    Nicest gift I have given is my hand stamped bookmark “Enjoy The Next Chapter...”


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