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Laura Bracelet

$ 18.00

Join the Brady Center and MyIntent to highlight the human costs of gun violence. By wearing and sharing the stories of those we have lost, you can help us to celebrate and honor their lives.


Laura Wilcox, 19
In January 2001, the world was forever diminished by the loss of an incredible young woman – my only daughter, Laura.
Laura was home on winter break from college and filling in as a receptionist at the Nevada County Behavioral Health Clinic when a client with severe mental illness walked in and opened fire with a semiautomatic handgun. He shot Laura four times at point blank range. She died instantly.
Laura had extraordinary capabilities, kindness and spirit. She was an outstanding student, graduating as high school valedictorian, and was extremely organized, disciplined and motivated. She had boundless energy. She lived life fully as she danced through her days. She touched and inspired everyone she met. Her strong sense of compassion, respect, and justice were beyond her years. She was already living a life full of service, she wanted to make a positive difference in the world…she had unlimited possibilities and the brightest of prospects. All of this ended in an instant because a dangerous person had easy access to a gun. Her love and her light will never be forgotten.

The Bracelet is made of Brass and waxed nylon. The engraving is hand made by the MyIntent team in Los Angeles California.

Contact with water may accelerate the natural aging process of the Token but not the imprint of the WORD.

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