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Alex Bracelet

$ 18.00

Join the Brady Center and MyIntent to highlight the human costs of gun violence. By wearing and sharing the stories of those we have lost, you can help us to celebrate and honor their lives.


Alex C Teves, 24
Son, brother, friend, hero. Alex lived life with pure joy and enthusiasm, an everyday hero to those who knew him. He was intelligent, kind and compassionate. His relationships with others were his priority. We miss his laugh, sharp sense of humor, incredible guitar playing and watching him devour the craziest foods. He loved traveling, physical fitness, music and being around others. His mentor and counseling work with troubled youth and special needs students changed lives and will never be forgotten. Alex was killed by a single bullet in the Aurora theater shooting while he was shielding the love of his life from harm. We miss him every single moment of every day. We love you Alex.

The Bracelet is made of Brass and waxed nylon. The engraving is hand made by the MyIntent team in Los Angeles California.

Contact with water may accelerate the natural aging process of the Token but not the imprint of the WORD.

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