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Why get Certified?

The Maker Certification provides opportunities to be hired as a Maker at MyIntent events in your geographical area (E.g Corporate, VIP, charity, etc.) and to Retail MyIntent online. Read the Maker Guidelines and apply for your certification here below.

STEP 1 - Test

1. How do you activate WORDs?
By asking questions.
By showing your bracelet and explaining the meaning of your WORD.
By telling the MyIntent Mission.

2. What do you do when someone tells you that coffee is their WORD?
Make them a bracelet with the word coffee on it
Ask them why coffee is their word
Ask them what kind of coffee they like

3. What do you do when someone tells you they do not know what their word is, or says “I will have to think about it?”
Ok let me know when you ready?
Start giving them examples of WORDs
Ask them a meaningful question about themselves

4. When someone is talking to you...
You listen to them
Talk over them
Tell them how other people got their words

5. You can use the MyIntent brand if.
You talk to people about their words
You use MyIntent branded tokens
You spread the MyIntent mission

6. You can sell online if
You have MyIntent Maker Certification
You have MyIntent Online retailer certification
You have the MyIntent Maker and Online Retailer Certifications

7. The name you can create with the MyIntent Brand is:
MyIntent Maker [Your Full Name]
MyIntent by [Your Full Name]
MyIntent [Your Full Name]

8. You can sell your own product design using MyIntent brand if:
You are great at making bracelets
You first get MyIntent's approval
You are a Certified Maker

"Congratulation you successfully passed the maker test! Please complete Step 2 to finish your application"

STEP 2 - Submission
Fill out my online form.


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