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MyIntent Rewards

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STEP 1: Click check rewards pop-up

STEP 2: Select JOIN to earn $5

STEP 3: Create your account

STEP 4: Click complete now

STEP 5: One last step for your first reward!

STEP 6: Click VIEW to use your first reward

STEP 7: Receive your code

STEP 8: Select check rewards to access account details, anytime

STEP 9: Collect 1 point for every $1 you spend

STEP 10: Earn 100 points for every friend you invite


Order over $50 use code PARTNER for 20% off
Order over $100 use code FAMILY for 25% off
Order over $200 use code FRIENDS for 30% off
Order over $400 use code TEAM for 35% off
Order over $600 use code TRIBE for 40% off
Order over $800 use code COMMUNITY for 45% off
Order over $1,000 use code WORLD for 50% off
These codes are valid for all items in our Main Collection and Maker Collection