Retailer's Guidelines – MyIntent Project Retailer's Guidelines – MyIntent Project

Retailer's Guidelines

1. Can I sell online?

As a MyIntent Retailer, you’re welcome to promote and sell your in-store pieces on your approved business’ website or social channels. We simply require the retail price to match our pricing on at all times. A price update will be sent out with updates and it is the responsibility of the Retailer to keep prices updated on their channels with reasonable notice.

2. What price can I sell at?

We understand the flexibility that is sometimes needed. However, to avoid confusion for our customers, Retailer online price advertising must match retail pricing at all times.

3. What marketing assets do I have access to?

All digital content found online at MyIntent channels for online promotional use only.

4. Use of brand assets, logo, name, etc.?

To protect the MyIntent project and community, our name and logo can only be used within the assets and guidelines provided by MyIntent. And cannot be altered, repurposed, or used without our consent. MyIntent reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify permission to display the logo or name, and may request that third parties modify or delete any use of the logo/name. MyIntent further reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of its trademarks or other violations of applicable law. For any variations, licensing, collaborations, print or other digital promotions, please contact We want to hear from you!

5. Exposure and other opportunities?

We are committed to your impact in the world and are happy to feature you as a MyIntent Retailer on Much more to come!