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Maker's Guidelines

1. Can I modify or create my own MyIntent designs?
We encourage your creativity and support, but ask that you do not sell or promote, with the intention to sell, any non-MyIntent designs without approval for the best interest of our Makers and Customers. Please send in a sample of your design idea to for quality assurance and service ability before selling under the MyIntent brand. We may even have a collaboration opportunity for you on! We would love to see your design!

2. Can I sell online?
Please join us in forwarding the purpose of the Maker Program, to provide the in-person connection that started it all. At this time, all Maker program sales are to be made in-person and not online. More to come on this!

3. What price can I sell at?
We encourage MyIntent products impacting lives in various ways such as gifting, fundraising and personal income and understand the flexibility needed. Therefore, pricing for sales in-person can be at your discretion but online price advertising must match retail pricing at all times to avoid confusion for our customers.

4. What marketing assets can I use and have access to?
All digital content found online at MyIntent channels for online promotional use only. All marketing assets for promotional use is intended to be used by Makers a part of the MyIntent Maker Program only
5. Can my company or organization be a Maker?
As it turns out, the Makers Program was designed to support what started the MyIntent Project - the one on one, in-person conversation between the Maker and creator.  We intend to empower the Maker as real people and forward that experience for the creator in this program. At this time, we are recognizing individuals as Makers.

6. Use of brand assets, logo, name, etc.?
To protect the MyIntent project and community, our name and logo can only be used within the assets and guidelines provided by MyIntent. For licensing, collaborations, partnerships, or to share your ideas, please contact We want to hear from you.