Maker's Guidelines - MyIntent Project

Maker's Guidelines


As a Maker, you are the catalyst (or responsible) for creating a meaningful conversation with someone that results in them connecting deeply within. The product of this conversation will be a single WORD that has a unique and special meaning for them. You then personally provide a tool to support them in accessing this deep connection every day.


In order to pique their curiosity and create permission to go deeper, we always like to open the conversation by simply asking the question: What’s your WORD? (“WYW”) Most likely you will get an answer to the effect of: What word? What do you mean? You then have their full attention to engage in a thoughtful conversation.
Here is our 3 step conversation that demonstrate what the conversation could look like.

The 3 step conversation after "WYW":

Step 1:
Ask a broad follow up question to demonstrate interest in them to connect on a deeper level. PAUSE and LISTEN. Whatever they say will be a direct reflection of what’s most important to them at this moment in their life.
Step 2:
Because they are sharing something potentially vulnerable, acknowledge their response with an affirmation and/or appreciation. Continue to go deeper by asking them to elaborate with another question regarding their answer. PAUSE and LISTEN. You don’t need to rush this step. It may take a minute to land on something truly meaningful to them. This is where the MAGIC is created. You never know when the last time someone took an interest to connect with them on this level.
Step 3:
Once you get the sense they have made a deep connection to something important to them, encourage them to condense their response down to the one WORD that will best remind them of what they discover about themselves through this meaningful conversation.

Here are a few examples after you ask What's Your WORD:
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Step 1 What are you passionate about?
- Beach tennis
  • What is your purpose?
  • To live a peaceful and fulfilled life, full of passion, joy and love.
  • What is going on in your life right now?
  • -A lot. Two jobs plus training for competition - very little spare time.
Step 2
  • That’s cool! What do you feel you would need in order to play more Beach Tennis?
  • -My life feels cluttered and it takes away from things I care about.I bet I could find more time by organizing my life better.
  • Awesome, when was a time where that was difficult for you to create?
  • -Well, sometimes I overwork myself and then my personal life suffers. Then I lose myself, and with that my peace, joy and passion.

That must be tough, if you had more time what would you do with it?

-Self-care for sure. It feels great to be doing things that I love, but it can be exhausting when I don't rest. So, i'd like to have some chill time too.

Step 3
  • What’s a WORD that would remind you of that?
  • What word can be a reminder for you to live a life of with peace, joy and passion?
  • -NOW
  • What is a one word to remind you that you can make some time for self-care?
Once they have uncovered their WORD, we solidify the impact by Activating their intention. Simply pair their WORD with an action that they can take that day to begin living their WORD: “What can you do TODAY to start living your WORD?”
Additional Step 1 questions: Pick any other questions from the deck of 30 Meaningful question cards included in your Maker Kit.


How do I learn to stamp?
Check out the How to stamp video tutorial.
Can I modify or create my own MyIntent product designs?
We encourage your creativity and you can still use the MyIntent
brand for your designs as long as you use the MyIntent branded tokens,
however if you would like to sell your own designs you would
first need our approval. Please send in a sample of your design
idea to for quality assurance. We may even have
a collaboration opportunity for you on! We would love to see your design!
Can I sell online?
If you’d like to sell online, you have to get a Maker Certification
and Online Retailer Certification.
What price can I sell at?
We encourage MyIntent products impacting lives in various ways
such as gifting, fundraising and personal income and understand
the flexibility needed.Therefore, pricing for sales in-person can be
at your discretion but online price advertising and sales must not
be less than minimum pricing (with the exception of promotional prices) to avoid confusion for our customers.
Use of brand assets, logo, name, etc.?
To protect the MyIntent project and community, our name and
logo can only be used with the products provided by MyIntent.
To use our brand online including social media create the following
name: MyIntent Maker [Full Name] (e.g. MyIntent Maker Chris Pan)
Can my company or organization be a Maker?
As it turns out, the Makers Program was designed to support
what started the MyIntent Project - the one on one, in-person
conversation between the Maker and creator. We intend to
empower the Maker as real people and forward that experience
for the creator in this program. At this time, we are recognizing
individuals as Makers.
Licensing, Collaborations, Partnerships?
For licensing, collaborations, partnerships, or to share your ideas,
please contact We want to hear from you.


Why get a Maker Certification?
The Maker Certification provides opportunities to be hired as a Maker at MyIntent events
in your geographical area (E.g Corporate, VIP, charity, etc.) and to Retail MyIntent online.