Fundraising in your local community! – MyIntent Project Fundraising in your local community! – MyIntent Project

Fundraising in your local community!

There are a few different ways to create a local, in-person fundraiser. We will highlight 3 ways our Makers have had the most success in the past: 

  1. Taking orders
  2. Stamping live at an event
  3. Participating in a silent auction

Taking orders for bracelets: 

  1. Download this Fundraising Order Form: <link to order form>
  2. Edit the form as you see fit for the supplies you have, and add your pricing
  3. Advertise your MyIntent products to sell for fundraising.

Stamping “live” at an event:

  1. Download this Fundraising Order Form: <link to order form>This will help you keep track of different orders so in case people walk away from your table.
  2. Create a few pieces to show what the finished product will look like!
  3. Maker Pro-tip: When you are at the event, always be stamping! Our Makers have share that they continue to stamp bracelets or tokens even when they don't have any customers or orders. The energy you create while stamping will attract people to your booth! 

3 ways to fundraise at a Silent Auction:

If you or someone you has approached you with a gift for a silent auction, here is a great way to participate while still creating a meaningful conversation!

  1. Auction your time and materials as a Maker! This would entail auctioning yourself as a Maker to go to an event. You can decide whether it is a time frame (i.e. 3 hours) or number of people/bracelets (i.e. 50 people)
  2. Auction a “gift card” so the winner of the auction can place a custom order with you after the event is over.
  3. Auction a MyIntent package with pre-made pieces and a deck of Question Cards.



How do I establish pricing?
  • We recommend charging $15-$20 for a classic bracelet so you can cover your supply cost and still be able to give a large portion of each bracelet sell to the cause.
    • An example for the silent auction: You can offer to stamp 50 pieces, so you would set the auction at $700 ($500 for the 50 bracelets + $200 for your time and expertise to lead the activity)
    How do I package the bracelets I create?
    • We suggest using our Maker Cards to complete the look! This adds a special element for when the person receives Their WORD and celebrates their journey with this intention. 
    Do I need to be a Certified if I am fundraising?
    • Yes, because there is a form of money being exchanged, we do require Makers be Certified for quality assurance. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.
    What else can I sell?
    • Question cards! You can buy in bulk (80 Decks for $320 = $4/deck) then sell for $10. This is the least effort, while still giving value to your fundraiser.
    • Keychains! This is perfect for those who don’t love wearing jewelry but want a reminder with them. It will cost $4.50-5.00 for a 10 pack of keychain refills then you can sell for $12-15.

    Additional Resources:

    Help Someone Find Their WORD  - Our blog on how you can set yourself up for success when connecting with someone and supporting them on their intention journey. 

    Here is the Dropbox link for photos you can use!


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