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“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” – Hank Rosso

MyIntent Makers LOVE using their Maker Kit as a fundraising tool because it is a fun way to connect to people while raising money for a meaningful cause.

Different from your standard bake sales and car washes, creating a tangible reminder for someone to help them move forward in their lives or to achieve their goals is a powerful experience in addition to the funds raised!

Ready to get started? The two most common ways to fundraise with MyIntent are online fundraising and in-person fundraising:

 2. Tips for creating a local fundraiser 

Does fundraising with MyIntent work?

Don’t take our word for it. Check out examples of Makers creating successful fundraisers using their Maker Kit!

International Service Mission
The fundraiser hit $ 3 weeks!

In the Dominican Republic bracelet sales brought in enough funding for us to build an entire house! The proceeds from these bracelets go directly towards community projects in the country where that student traveled.

- Maker Rustic Pathways 

Mission Trip 

They're selling like crazy and what an awesome witnessing tool!

We're making them as a fundraiser for our Mexico mission team.

- Maker Naomi

Make A Wish Foundation

Mothers of 2 "Wish" recipients have continued to fundraise

...and give back to the local Make-a-Wish so that others children can be granted wishes.

Their daughters battled leukemia and when the time came, I reached out to offer support to one of the mothers I met. I donated all of the profits.

- Maker Nina

Adventure Experience for young adults fighting cancer

We raised $600!

A friend asked me to do a fundraiser to raise funds for First Descents.

- Maker Cheri

Cancer Awareness

Fundraising for ovarian cancer, in memory of my best friend.

Donating $5 for each teal bracelet sold.

- Maker Patricia

Additional Resources:

Help Someone Find Their WORD - Our blog on how you can set yourself up for success when connecting with someone and supporting them on their intention journey.

Here is the Dropbox link for photos you can use!


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