Fundraising using Crowdfunding and MyIntent – MyIntent Project Fundraising using Crowdfunding and MyIntent – MyIntent Project

Fundraising using Crowdfunding and MyIntent

By popular demand, we are sharing a great way to fundraise online with your MyIntent Maker Kit! Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular and easy. There are now thousands of sites to start a campaign, including Facebook, but we recommend GoFundMe for it’s ease and transparency. Below, we’ve outlined a step by step guide for setting up your own GoFundMe campaign for your next fundraiser! There is also an FAQs section at the bottom of the page!

Fundraising using crowdfunding and MyIntent

Set up a GoFundMe. They will ask you to: 

    • Set up an account
    • Enter your goal amount
    • Who you are fundraising for
      • Be sure to choose "Myself or someone else" if you plan to withdraw the money to cover your supply cost before you donate. 
    • Upload a photo and a description
 2. We’ve created a little outline for your description <attach doc> that you can use as you create your own. You are free to copy and paste exactly what we have and edit the top of the description for your cause. For the Today Show video, you'll want to upload it so it's embedded in the description box. We've also included a Dropbox link for any additional imaged you may want to up load into your description.

Dropbox folder for Word Finder and Popular Words images:



1. How do I structure the fundraiser?

There are a few things you get to decide: 

  • Whether they choose Their WORD or if you will gift them with a certain WORD. This can also be a part of your donor levels.
  • Whether you are willing to ship or if you only want to make a local pick up. It can also be a combination if your network is mostly in your local area with a few donations coming from out of the area.

2. Does GoFundMe have platform fees that I should be aware of?

  • Things to know: GoFundMe no longer has platform fees, but there is a processing fee for people donating through WePay and PayPal (2.9% + $0.30).

3. How much would it be to ship bracelets?

    • Sourced from Makers: it seems like the average price to ship one bracelet is $3.50. This includes the mailer and shipping cost.
    • We recommend sending these bracelets in a bubble mailer with a tracking number. Then there is accountability through every step of the process.
      • Amazon sells small (3x5) bubble mailers! 50 mailers for ~$8.00 (~$0.16/mailer). Plus, there is an assortment of colors to choose from.

      4. How do establish different donor levels?

        There are a few different ways to think about the situation:

          • 100% of proceeds go to the cause and you are willing to donate your time and supplies. You can then set the donor level at any price.
          • If you are selling multiple products, such as the question cards, keychain, bracelet, and necklace, or any combination of products, you can start light and create “deluxe” packages with larger donations.

          An example of creating your own donor levels:

          • $15+ = Question Cards
          • $20+ = 1 STRENGTH bracelet
          • $25+ = 1 Custom bracelet
          • $30+ = Question Cards & 1 custom bracelet

            5. How do I establish pricing?

              • You can establish a fixed amount that you will donate to the cause per donation. In this case, you would need to calculate your costs and then add the donation amount.
              • One other way is to donate a percentage of the proceeds like 50% or 75%

              6. Do I need to be a Certified if I am fundraising?

              • Yes, because there is a form of money being given, we do require Makers be Certified for quality assurance. It’s free and only takes a few minutes:


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