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BCLC x MyIntent Partnership

MyIntent BCLC

The MyIntent Project is excited to partner with Building Compassionate Learning Communities to activate your WORD.

Please complete the form below to receive your personalized MyIntent bracelet at BCLC.

Suggestions for choosing your WORD as a daily reminder:
- What VIRTUE do you want more of in your life?
- What is a CHALLENGE you want to OVERCOME?
- What is a PASSION you want to spend more time on?

If you need additional help finding your WORD, check our our WORD FINDER.

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The MyIntent Project’s mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action. 


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A Mindful Activity for Your Classroom 

MyIntent's Education Program

Thousands of teachers across the country are enhancing their social emotional learning programs by asking their students "What's Your WORD?" and creating them a MyIntent bracelet as a tangible reminder of their WORD using our bracelet making kit.

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See how teachers, principals, and administrators bringing mindfulness to their classrooms with MyIntent.

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