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Popular WORD Bracelet

$ 25.00 $ 360.00

Select from our 12 most popular WORDS, which WORD you want on your Bracelet?

Our popular WORD Bracelets are available on a Twist style bracelet with black string and a gold plated token.

Where do you find BALANCE?
What do you BELIEVE in?
How are you feeling BLESSED?
When do you need a reminder to BREATHE?
Where do you find COURAGE?
What does FAMILY mean to you?
What are you FEARLESS about?
What's your FOCUS?
What are you GRATEFUL for?
How do you show LOVE?
What's your PURPOSE?
Where do you find STRENGTH?

Tokens will have your chosen word on the front and are engraved with "MyIntent.org #MyIntent" on the back for authenticity. 

20-50% off for large orders! Use the codes below:

Order over $50 get 20% off, code = PARTNER
Order over $100 get 25% off, code = FAMILY
Order over $200 get 30% off, code = FRIENDS
Order over $400 get 35% off, code = TEAM
Order over $600 get 40% off, code = TRIBE
Order over $800 get 45% off, code = COMMUNITY
Order over $1,000 get 50% off, code = WORLD

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

i gave two of the three i ordered to my children. i sat down and shared my word for them one at a time. it’s an amazing feeling to express your feelings and give them something they can look down at every day and know how i truly feel.


I love my bracelet. When I look down at it, it reminds me that I have a purpose. It reminds me to keep pushing and fighting to reach my purpose.

Will buy again

❤️❤️❤️ bought 3 different ones for 3 different Christmas presents and I can’t wait to give it to them. I love the simplicity!

Simple and Perfect to wear everyday

Gave one as a gift and couldn't resist getting one for myself. Love wearing it and having my daily reminder so close to me. Lots of options to satisfy everyone on your buying list.

Happy With Purchase

Saw an ad on instagram & had been looking for something to wear along with my black Fitbit Charge 2 & this is perfect! I love simple visual reminders which my Fitbit provides so this is in keeping with that & is stylish to boot!!

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