Refill 10 Bead Necklaces - MyIntent – MyIntent Project Refill 10 Bead Necklaces - MyIntent – MyIntent Project

Refill 10 Bead Necklaces

$ 80.00 $ 100.00

Engrave your own MyIntent Necklaces to activate people's intentions.

These necklace's tokens are blank on one side for you to engrave the word of intent and have MyIntent branding engraved on the back for authenticity.

These Bead Necklaces come in packs of 10.

The token options are Brass (gold color), plated Nickel (silver color), or plated Black Nickel (black color)

The chain is 24 inches long and is made of Brass, plated nickel, or plated Black Nickel.

20-50% off for large orders! Use the codes below:

Order over $50 get 20% off, code = PARTNER
Order over $100 get 25% off, code = FAMILY
Order over $200 get 30% off, code = FRIENDS
Order over $400 get 35% off, code = TEAM
Order over $600 get 40% off, code = TRIBE
Order over $800 get 45% off, code = COMMUNITY
Order over $1,000 get 50% off, code = WORLD

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful necklace

These chains are so pretty and delicate! A nice balance with the token. My clients love them and I am actually wearing one right now with the word "Blessed" on the token. I get asked about it a lot. A wonderful conversation starter. I will be ordering more this week.

Happy with my product

Product was out of stock because so popular. Once they came back in stock they were shipped quickly.

big order

the products arrived on time and they looked pretty good. Everyone loved the necklaces. Thank you

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