MyIntent 20 Pouch Bags – MyIntent Project

Refill 20 Pouch Bags

$ 10.00

Wrap your MyIntent piece in a pouch bag.

These pouch bags are 4 x 6 inches and come in packs of 20. They are the perfect size to fit a MyIntent Worksheet cards together with a MyIntent piece.

- Classic style: 2 sided black strings and both side printed

- Original style: one side cream string and only one side print

25-50% off for large orders! Use the codes below:

Order over $50 get 20% off, code = PARTNER
Order over $100 get 25% off, code = FAMILY
Order over $200 get 30% off, code = FRIENDS
Order over $400 get 35% off, code = TEAM
Order over $600 get 40% off, code = TRIBE
Order over $800 get 45% off, code = COMMUNITY
Order over $1,000 get 50% off, code = WORLD

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