Classic Bracelet Set of 2 – MyIntent Project Classic Bracelet Set of 2 – MyIntent Project

Classic Bracelet Set of 2

$ 35.00 $ 40.00

Set of 2 Classic Bracelets - perfect for achieving your WORDs together as couples, BFF's, partners, parent/child - the pairings are endless!  

These Classic bracelets are made of waxed nylon and have a slight shine. They are hand woven and engraved by our artisans in Los Angeles.

 All bracelets come attached to an artisan card signed by the artisan who handstamped your bracelet and in a MyIntent pouch. 

The story you enter above will be printed on your invoice as a reminder of why you chose your WORD and is a great way to send a personalized message if the bracelet is a gift.

 What our customers are saying: 

FANTASTIC IDEA & GIFT "Purchased 2 bracelets, 1 for me and the other for my girlfriend. She loves the idea of us wearing matching WORDs that mean something and the idea of talking to people about the meaning of the WORD when asked about it. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.” - Matt


YOU ARE ENOUGH "My wife often feels insecure, she rarely thinks she's 'good enough' as a mom, wife, teacher. She is, however, a terrific mom, a great wife, and an amazing teacher. She needs to know she is enough. She needs to believe in herself. She needs to know that I'm always by her side to support her."  - Brian


BEAUTIFUL GIFT "I got this for my wife’s birthday with our two sons names and she melted! Such a beautiful bracelet!” - Matthew S.


MY HUSBAND LOVES IT "My husband loves WORDs so I went ahead and ordered for our anniversary. He loved it. Good quality and arrived fast.” - Theresa J.


A GREAT DAILY REMINDER "I bought it for my husband as a gift and got myself one too. He loves it. It’s a great daily reminder of our WORD as we see it frequently on our arm." ~ Nicole. 

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Order over $50 get 20% off, code = PARTNER
Order over $100 get 25% off, code = FAMILY
Order over $200 get 30% off, code = FRIENDS
Order over $400 get 35% off, code = TEAM
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Customer Reviews

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LOVE really does light the way!

I stumbled upon through Divine intervention at precisely the perfect time in my life’s journey. It has been a reaffirming experience showing me that having that constant reminder of my intent in front of my eyes truly does help me stay focused on it. In fact, I’ve purchased the kit to make bracelets for those I love and for those individuals I coach on a spiritual level. I have such gratitude in my heart for coming so miraculously into my life.

Great birthday gift

I used the set of two to give my two best friends birthday gifts! I do this every year to help them start the year off grounded in their intentions!

Amazing gift

Got this for my boyfriend & I, we both loved it!

Beautiful in every way....

I purchased the bracelets for a good friend whose in a new place with no family/friends and I wanted her to remember what her purpose was there and that it would all be over soon. I had the bracelets sent to me first, so I could see them...I fell in love with them and I love the concept of these bracelets, truly an amazing gift and a great idea for the holidays. The peeps behind this project, ROCK!!!!!!!

Absolutely Love It!!!!

I love my bracelet and the concept behind MyIntent! I will definitely be sharing and buying more!!!!

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