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Disrupting Negativity with Strength and Empowerment

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“My purpose is disrupting [negativity] with positivity, strength, and empowerment. I’m the conduit to bring this greater purpose or intention to more people.” - Gina G.

There are moments when we find something that magically fits who we are and our purpose in life. Gina G. is a powerful and giving Maker creating waves and spreading her passion in all parts of her life. Stumbling upon MyIntent through a Today Show Feature, it was a powerful first impression - resulting in her first bracelet GRACE and MERCY. She then organized a girlfriends’ weekend to cultivate meaningful conversation and grow closer with the women in her life. Gina recaps her experience, “At the party, I gave them a brief overview of my journey, how I came to it, and why I wanted to share this. It was special for me to introduce something that they were curious about. A lot of people dug really deep and found words that were really powerful for them. I put the bracelet on them, and it was so impactful. It made me so happy to give it to them."

That was just the beginning. Gina is creating waves at work by presenting a pitch for her VP of Human Resources to bring MyIntent to her office. She shares, “It’s about giving back - sharing and enlightening people of the power of positive thought. I love the joy in sharing something that works for me, and hopefully they can take a piece of what I shared and turn it into something that makes them happy. [The movement of mindful intention] is definitely growing, and I know in my heart and my gut that it’s definitely growing.” Gina has gifted bracelets to everyone in her life from her partner to her son to coworkers and friends alike.

Gina’s Maker Pro-tip for finding Your WORD: "The WORD you choose doesn’t have to be perfect or forever. It just has to be something that reminds you of what you want to create or achieve in your life. You evolve as a person so don’t think of Your WORD as permanent. It could be, but it doesn’t have to be. There is no pressure to pick the “perfect” WORD."

What word moves you to action? What have you always wanted to create?



  • I am moved to tears to witness your transformation and how you are changing women lives through your vulnerability, wisdom and genuine love. I am so proud of you sis. I want to have a girls party. I am here for it. Our gifts will make room us I have always believed.

    Audrey Givens

  • Serendipitous is that my random scrolling led to this amazing site!

    Cynthia B

  • I love this so much.. I want to have a Girls day.. I would like info on the structure ♡♡♡


  • I absolutely love this BEAUTIFUL

    Shenette CLARK

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